Thursday, September 8, 2011

Call a Spade a Spade

I often find myself coming across people who deny some very very obvious and basic truths, stuff which cannot be outrightly denied but often is, because of it's obviousness is taken for granted.

The other day, just before leaving for home-sweet-home I was sitting in Zaitoon and arguing with one of my colleagues Ravi Kunjwal. Now, since this is a private blog and nobody ever reads it (haha, that's the entire point of this blog I don't want nobody reading it, contains kinda personal stuff, you see...) I wouldn't mind revealing here that Ravi is a smart bloke. Comparing to some others in Matscience - who hold extremely naive opinions about issues or even others who don't really think for themselves and keep borrowing opinions from others and engage in the discussion because they've got nothing better to do, he seemed much better and more sensible.

Yet again, he comes from the same old pseudo-secular-guilt-brigade. We were discussing Subramanuim Swamy and his article. I slipped in somewhere that I may agree with Swamy's opinion that Muslims are a lot more conservative than people from any other religion and also that they tend to harass people from their own religion and other religions because of this fact. Ravi instantly disagreed and tried to harp about the Hindu fundamentalists being worse citing a bad example: how they launch into a dancing parade on the streets everytime they find an occasion to.

Now I'm no fan of people who like to take to the streets for their celebrations (I'm kinda happy that the Chennai gay parade takes place on the beach road on which no vehicles are allowed, slightly disappointed that the other gay prides happen in the middle of the road often disrupting traffic) but still when I'm talking about being a community that harrasses people due to conservativism then I'm not merely talking about something as trivial as blocking the road and preventing traffic to get through every second Sunday. Nope. I'm talking about acid attacks on women so as to blackmail them into the burqa, the Shah Bano Case, the AIMPLB's demand to keep the Right To Education out of the Madrassas and opposing a common law on adoption, the hand-chopping incident of 2010 of a Kerela teacher on alleged insult to the prophet Muhammad, Hindu-Muslim riots on the installation of a Ganesh Idol 'IN' a shop 'coz it was beside a Mosque and so many more similar incidents and decisions by the Muslims law board. Of course, I've not gone into the entire details of Islamic terrorism. That of course, I'll leave out over here because I don't personally agree that a great number of Muslims agree with Islamic terorrism. I believe that a very small number of Indian Muslims would agree with bombing public spaces for killing people and institutionalizing a sense of fear or terrorism (er... how exactly does that bring fear in the midst of these people? Very few people ever really get scared, frankly speaking... but okay nevermind that for now). Yet again, theres'a strong support for sharia law with all the associated barbarism which includes stripping women of any rights which they have been otherwise ordained under the present constitution, the agreement that all Indians are actually naturally born Muslims, the belief that Muslims haven't ever engaged in any violent acts of force-conversion and on the contrary have only and ONLY suffered at the hands of people from other religions etc,etc.

I'm not kidding. Take a Muslims person aside and ask them what they think about these issues: Sharia, conservativism that Muslims apparently hold up to (more than people of other religions), or that a greater amount of terrorism is associated with Islam than to any other religion in the entire world or their belief that all people are naturally born Muslims, you'll generally find them beating about the bush so as to not show their true feelings on the various issues or you'll find them answering it striaghtforwardly with a defiant 'Yes'. This has generally been my experience - either with Muslims I've talked with directly or with Muslims I've come across with on the net. Of course the Muslims I've come across on the net are a bit more open given the fact that neither me or the guys in front of me can be as direct for not wanting to get so hostile.

Of course Ravi Kunjwal is not the only one who belongs to the Pseudo-Secular-Guilt-Brigade, but then there are others - extremely smart people who engaged in the same reasonging - who are only defensive when it comes to allegations of Muslims being of a more harassing nature than any other religious group. I remember arguing with another colleague of mine who got slightly angry with me when I mentioned it. He told me that my accusations were the exact things which instigated hostility on part of the Muslims - as if that's a valid reason for getting instigated in the first palce.

The problem is that the fact that Muslims are more volatile is a bit too clear. This is clear not by their behaviour back home in our midst (be it the Muslims I knew in my college) but also stuff that I come across on the media (not just one single newspaper or channel) but various sources of national and even international news. It's not only me which seems to be coming to this conclusion. Theres' a growing ratio of Western European population which wants to shut its gates to immigrants and in particular Muslims immigrants much more than any other immigrants given the kind of problems they've been facing.

There have been cases of Muslims having banned a certain ice-cream in UK just because the ice-cream logo 'vaguely' resembles the Arabic rendition of the world "Allah". This somehow became intolerable for the Muslims for them to lobby to have the ice-cream banned. All the McDonalds in UK now offer Halal-only meat. Sweden's been turned into a rape capital of Europe in just a few decades. A majority of rape-convicts turn out to be -surprise, surprise - Muslim immigrants from Algeria, Morocco, Libya and countries from the Middle East. There was a call from a Muslim cleric in UK to the Muslims in UK to increase the number of babies born into Muslims families so as to change the demographic in UK and turn UK into a Muslims majority. There have been calls for Eurabia as well.

I'm sure that the latter two are just exaggerated claims - it's quite likely news that's been exaggerated out of proportion because of the fact that the panic-mongering media sells itself on the basis of that news. Yet again, I don't think I can ever find any Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, Buddhist, Taoist, Zoroastrian or other religious group claiming to want to overtake an entire continent and teach the locals what kind of religious belief they ought ot be following. There are no other religious groups which harbour so crazy and so hostile members amongst themselves in so large numbers so as to pose a security threat for a country.

I dunno why people are so soft-spoken on the issue. I don't get why Ravi or Rohan or Aditi or Megha or ... (there are others - people I've not spoken directly to, but people who I've seen arguing with other people on the issue) fail to see the very obvious. Or maybe it's just that they don't want to 'offend' the already over-sensitive Muslims. I find that a friggin' stupid reason really. (it's a reason one of my colleauges gave me) Or that I was targetting a group generally whereas only a minority of people were responsible for the actions. Well - I wasn't saying that ALL muslims are more conservative. No, I said that Muslims in 'genera' are more conservative and this results in the fact that Muslism end up harassing people of their community and other communities more than other communities do. (this was also an argument I had to endure). I call these set of people the pseudo-secular guilt brigade - because firstly - in their attempt to not hurt the sentiments of Muslims - they're unnecessary and overtly wannabe-secular feelings take charge and dispose of well established fact (by statistics) in favour of emotion (we don't wanna hurt their sentiments). I find it rather stupid that people engage in such kind if conclusions dismissal tactics - especially when two of the people I've mentioned are... going to be physicists just like I myself.

It's a bit like people trying to dismiss off the fact that blacks have greater tendecies to be violent (either in the UK or the US) than whites, or that women tend to be worse when it comes to directions than men, or the gay men tend to be a lot more promiscuous than their heterosexual counterparts (of course, it's due to avaialability of sex rather than libido). There are all uncomfortable truths and they are all denied and thrown out of the seat of that of possible considerations.

Jeezzz people call a spade a spade.

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